Meet the Magician!

Klaas Folkern engages in magic with a passion; the art is literally his calling. He loves to connect and has an intuitive feeling for what makes people tick. He looks you in the eyes, and suddenly you go from winning a poker game to having suggestive powers you never thought existed. When the tables turn, you feel shivers go down your spine, while your lips burst in to a vivid laughter.


Magic A la Carte is a culmination of a lifetime with magic. The tricks are gently presented, spiced with delicate humor. “It’s in the blood” says Klaas with a grin on his face. He draws from a long line of magicians. His farther belonged to a team that kicked of the Finnish Magic Circle after WWII. His great uncle studied and published  on contemporary Circus in Scandinavia. Magicians went in and out of his home, as he grew up.

At the age of 16 the inevitable happened. Klaas run off with a Circus. “I am still on that journey” he chuckles. “You can take the guy out of a circus, but you can’t take the circus out of a guy”. Anyone who has seen Klaas Folkern perform, would certainly concur!