Magic à la Carte                                   

Now selling tickets for November. Join us for Magic A La Carte in Wicker Park Saturday nights at 7.30pm. One block away from the Damen blue line stop! 

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Klaas takes you on a journey that is both fun and baffling. He is the guy you would like to have with you in Vegas. There is something of a savant in his mind. You shuffle the deck and the next thing you know he deals you a Royal Flush. A silk disappears and suddenly the magical powers land in your lap. This is a close-up show, where the audience truly participates. You will speak about it for years to come!

Heading 5

Klaas just looks at the cards, and the next thing you know he deals you a royal straight flush. 

Magic A la Carte is an interactive show that allows our guests to participate. You are not only watching the show; you are a part of it!